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Dear My Beauty

It’s not fair nor unfair. It’s not be pitied nor disregarded and it is the invisible grief that most will never talk about. The inner dialogue for infertility is that of subtle sadness, disguised aggression and palpable fear. Whether you … Continue reading

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I am Tired of Hiding

While I imagine that most will continue past this post, I hope you’ll stop and read it. It contains brutal honesty and personal info; be prepared for a giant case of TMI. Most guys will probably want to scroll past, … Continue reading

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I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with MRKH…Now What?

So you have just been diagnosed with some unique medical condition that you have never even heard of before. Even worse, it has to do with your female reproductive functions. Whether it is MRKH, infertility, or endometriosis; you don’t know … Continue reading

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The Strength Within Me

If it was not for that devastating moment when the doctor looked into my eyes and said, “We cannot find a uterus” I may not have been able to discover the true strength within myself.  At the time, my dreams were shattered.  … Continue reading

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