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Keeping Secrets

I was 16 when I was diagnosed with MRKH, already struggling to dig out my niche in the world. The doctor explained to me I was born without a uterus and vagina, would require either dilation or reconstructive surgery to … Continue reading

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MRKH Monday #MRKHmonday

Your MRKH weekly recap: MRKH Organization and the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation have teamed up to bring you a meeting for all women with MRKH to attend! United for MRKH will be at Simmons College on October 26, 2014 from … Continue reading

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We are one in many, we are unique, and we are fighters.

They say ignorance is bliss but not when it comes to your health. Any detriment can creep up on you with no realization whatsoever. But what’s worse, Ignorance positioning itself in your corner or that of a figure as vital … Continue reading

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Lifelong bonds and a changed perspective; the benefits of attending MRKH Day at the University of Michigan.

     When I first found out that I had MRKH, I was told that 1 in 4,500 women have this medical condition.  Really? Could that be right?  I remember thinking, I’m all alone with this and no one will ever understand … Continue reading

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